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The Stuart Flowers & Gifts Team

Rosy dispositions every daisy of the week!

The Stuart Flowers & Gifts team is always on hand to help - from the perfect floral arrangement to the best card to a personalized gift. And, we're educators by training so you'll see our love for workshops below. We'd love to be part of your next workshop, professional development day, speaker series and/or event!
P.S. We like to partner so you'll see Sharon Doud of Doud Farms and Stephanie Moeller of Sprig in our photos.


Katie Adams

Owner - Florist - Presenter


Mary Pease

Florist - Designer


Jody Pease

Retail Specialist

Flora Foraging

Featured on Iowa PBS

In 2022, we were part of the Iowa PBS Crafts From the Past series where Katie shared the techniques behind creating the perfect floral arrangement. She also demonstrated how foraging for your flowers and other objects can bring unique beauty to your project!

Cy-Hawk Floral Installation

Featured on WHO 13 News

In 2022, Stuart hosted WHO 13 News for RVTV in celebration of the Cy-Hawk football game and we created a community floral installation with a house divided theme. See minute 3:20 in the video to learn more!

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